Shophouse Southeast Asian Kitchen

Shophouse Southeast Asian Kitchen


Source: DC Budget Bites

By: Michael Rooney

Location: 1516 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC

(near the Dupont Circle metro)


Max Dining Budget: $10

Shophouse is one of DC’s best-kept secrets. As the more widely known Chipotle’s Southeast Asian sister, Shophouse offers the same “assembly line” dining that customers are so familiar with at Chipotle.

Founded by the minds behind Chipotle, Shophouse offers the same concept of allowing the diner to choose on the spot what she wants her meal to look like. Only instead of Mexican food, Shophouse offers Southeast Asian cuisine.


Source: DC Budget Bites

Upon getting in line, the customer can choose from different kinds of rice or noodles as the bowl’s base.  She then chooses between chicken satay, grilled steak laab, pork and chicken meatballs or tofu. The customer then has a choice of Asian style vegetables including chili-vinegar broccoli, charred corn, eggplant and Thai basil, or green beans with caramelized shallots.

Next, the customer can choose between three different types of sauces including green curry, spicy red curry, or tamarind vinaigrette. Finally, the customer can choose a garnishment to top off the bowl. Such options include: green papaya slaw, pickles, an herb salad, crushed peanuts, toasted garlic and crispy rice.


Source: DC Budget Bites

The meal shown is a brown rice bowl with chicken satay, charred corn, green curry, herb salad, and crushed peanuts.

Coming in at $7.25, it is no wonder that Shophouse is expanding (

While the Dupont Circle location was the original, it was meant to be a test case for a further expansion both in D.C. and other major metropolitan cities. So far two other locations have opened in the D.C. area: On M Street in Georgetown and in Bethesda. Shophouse has also opened two locations in the Los Angeles area. With the success of these locations, I think it is safe to say we can see further expansion in the future

In all, the price tag is right and the food is delicious.


Source: DC Budget Bites

Money Spent: $7.25

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